The Annual Babies Heart Run was started in 2009 by Jay and Nina Bills in Groton, Connecticut.  Their baby, Isabella was born with a heart condition called SVT on February 3rd, 2009.  She was immediately sent to the L&M Hospital Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.  Not long after she was born the doctors decided that she needed the close care of specialists and pediatric cardiologists.  Isabella was then transported to Yale New Haven Hospital's Newborn Special Care Unit only hours after she was born.  Separated from her parents, she was admitted into Room 3 at the Yale Newborn Special Care Unit at 11:41 pm that night.  Isabella spent one week in room 3 then got to go home for the first time, but on three very strong heart medications.  She continued to go in and out of the hospitals for the next month of her life.  During the first year of her life, Isabella endured numerous trips to Yale New Haven Hospital, multiple Holter monitors and has been on countless heart medications.  Isabella is still on medication and underwent a Cardiac Ablation in January of 2011 but it was unsuccessful.  She remains on heart medications and continues to grow everyday.Isabella spent 3 days at Boston Children's Hospital in October 2012. It was decided that Isabella will have another surgery in the future, which her parents hope will be the last.  Jay and Nina are so happy that they have the opportunity to organize this ride to help out people who have found themselves in a similar situation.

Please download the care package request form.  The baby must be in the NICU or PICU at the time of the request to be considered.  

Fill it out completely & email to [email protected] 
or mail it to PO BOX 315 Groton CT 06340. 
The board will then review the request and make a decision.  You can expect to receive a reply within seven days.

A care package is not guaranteed just because it is requested.  The BHR has specific criteria that must be met in order to receive a care package. If you answer yes to any of the following questions your request may be denied.

1. Does anyone in the family have medicaid (husky health insurance)?  Does the baby/child have husky?
2. Is the babychild out of the NICU or PICU at the time of the request?
3. Is the family on state assistance?

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